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Karl Anderson
29 Oct 2001 14:12:47 -0800

"Lucas Gonze" <> writes:

> Karl, that is a truly nasty thing to do.

I didn't do anything nasty.  I called and emailed his employers and
described to them the actions that their employee took on company
time, with company equipment, and with the company name in his email
address.  I did not exaggerate, and the bulk of my description was
forwarded email from Aaron.  I only asked his employer to think about
how this made their company look.

>  Assuming you keep up that very
> personal attack, here is my reasoned mail for his employers:

It was not an attack.  It was a response to his harassment - an
effort to get him out of my hair, now and in the future.  It is also
the extent of my response, assuming he doesn't show up on my doorstep
or anything.  There is nothing for me to keep up, really - if they
won't discipline him, it's their problem, they'll just have to deal
with the next irate recipient of his abuse.

Contacting the people that are providing the computers and
connectivity that he is using to harass us, and sending them the facts
and how his actions have affected me, in a calm and reasonable manner,
is an appropriate response.

> Aaron was completely reasonable and knowledgable, and happened to find himself
> getting aggressively flamed by a bunch of very hot heads.  Not only did he keep
> his cool and get away from the mess, he cut short the conversation when it was
> clearly a distraction from work.  The person who contacted you, Karl Anderson,
> acted -- in my humble but nevertheless correct opinion -- irresponsibly.

You're entitled to your opinion, but he did not keep his cool, nor did
he get away from the mess.  He asked if a listmember was gay before
asking why he wanted to have him "ream you a new one".  He forged mail
from his company address, solely to get spammers to harass FoRK.  He
first claimed that he had no idea where the malfunctioning replybot
was coming from, then said that it wasn't from his company, then said
that it was from his company (cluelessness from a postmaster isn't a
crime, but it is something that an employer might want to know about).
He refused to turn off the malfunctioning replybot.  He threatened to
send more harassing mail until we changed our list policy.  He is
attempting to block mail from me to his employers, probably to avoid
having them become aware of his actions.

I think that that eliminates reasonable, knowledgable, and avoiding
distraction :)

If he had only sent mail to FoRK, I would have just let it lie, no
matter how harassing and stupid he acted, but forging mail from FoRK
to spammers was taking it too far.

I'm curious, does anyone else think that I was being unreasonable?

> per Karl Anderson:
> > A helper FoRKer (who I won't name just in case he wants to avoid
> > having Aaron go BOFH on him) sent me the numbers of Virtuoso Travel's
> > main and Seattle (where Aaron works) offices.  I've talked to his
> > employers and have forwarded mail to them, and have asked for a
> > response.  If anyone wants to send reasoned mail or phone calls, I
> > have the numbers and addresses.

Karl Anderson