Why Fork?

Tom tomwhore@inetarena.com
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 15:58:51 -0800 (PST)

The last days worth of email begs the question, Why Fork?

To some its a place to pick up on the pulse of things, to get a
particular heart beat signature of certain aspects of living today.
To some its a self-serving tool to show conversational prolixity, a sort
of sparing ring cum runway diva showroom for verbiage of fluency over

To some its a pure spectator sport, watching as yet another list
soars high on ego boosts and sinks down with the weight of its own being.

To some its another place to assert control and rightness. 

To some its another place to stir the pot of complacency. 

For me its a little bit of all that, but more than all this its the
crossroads of several vectors that compliment themselves even while they

It is the Yankee Stadium of discourse. Some times I sit in the bleachers
blowing hot and cold running commentary. Some times I am in the box seats
behind the dug out taking in a great game. On occasion Ill tap the bat and
step up to the plate. When I can I field some popups and try to make the
play at home. Refereeing I do but rarely but when I do I call them as I
see them. 

While there are always those who argue the S/N I would argue that even
that is part of the whole. I would conjecture that we are stronger in our
machinations, however noisy they may be to some, they we are timid, meek
and quiet. 

At the end of the day though the place is still the Friends of Rohit
Khare, the Thurman Munson of our motley crew. 

For those whose lives are such fragile events such as
to want and to need to tranquilize all they are bound to I would ask
simply think about uniting themselves from such contemptuous hotspots of
their discontent and simply be well. It is far more important to be well
than to be burdened by the lesser angels of our imperfections.

Play Ball.