Dinner on Oct 31

Meltsner, Kenneth Kenneth.Meltsner@ca.com
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 20:01:44 -0500

I can't attend, but my favorite restaurant near the airport was the Hong Kong Flower Lounge, IIRC.  Great Chinese food, even by SF standards.


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To: Clay Shirky
Subject: Re: Dinner on Oct 31

since you're flying out afterwards, presumably from SFO, what if we have it
somewhere near the airport or in burlingame? does anyone need it to be in
the city (no car?)


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Subject: Dinner on Oct 31

> Sorry to do this on-list, but I want to be sure I have all the Yeses
> for a dinner in SF on Oct 31
> So far, I think the attendees list is:
> Bill Humphries
> Hussein Kanji
> Mike Masnick
> James Hong
> Clay Shirky
> Faisal Jawdat
> Gordon Mohr
> Dan Kohn
> Dhiren Patel
> Sally Khudairi
> Jim Whitehead
> Did I miss anybody?
> I'm happy to do the reservation, I'd suggest dinner at 7, but I don't
> know where in SF is both easy to get to and not near Halloween
> foolishment, so someone should either tell me what to do, or make the
> reservation themselves.
> -clay
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