Dinner on Oct 31

Jeff Bone jbone@jump.net
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 19:16:39 -0600

You guys are in SFO and the suggestion is...  Buca di Beppo?  Jesus H.,
with all the authentic Italian choices in North Beach and you go for an
incredibly annoyingly cheesy franchise fake Italian place with tacky Magic
Time Machine-like decor, plastic flowers in planters, poor wine selection,
screaming babies at tables 14" from yours.  And there will be screaming
babies, no question, Buca's family-style pricing structure and copious
portions appeal to families with young 'uns.  Not to mention bad food
overall?  And entirely too much garlic? (Understand, it's hard for me to
say that, I *love* garlic, but jeez.)

Buca di Beppo opened a "store" in Austin a few months back;  I went a few
weeks after it opened and it was hands-down one of the worst dining
experiences I can remember in the last several years.  Friends up in the
Dallas area have almost identical comments about the "store" up there.

I can't make it to the dinner, but I feel bad for you guys if you end up at
a place like Buca di Beppo.  Perhaps I can suggest Trattoria Contadina in
North Beach, if it's still open?  Many fond memories of dinners there over
the years...

Wherever y'all end up, have a good time.  Bon appetite!


Gordon Mohr wrote:

> How about Buca di Beppo, on Howard between 4th and 5th?
>    http://www.opentable.com/restaurant_profile.asp?ID=1260
> It can handle large parties, there's plenty of (paid) parking
> nearby, it's easy to get to by BART and MUNI. I don't think
> there's any excessive Halloween craziness there.
> I've made a reservation for 12+ at 7pm. (We can cancel if
> an strong alternative emerges.)
> - Gordon
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> Subject: Dinner on Oct 31
> > Sorry to do this on-list, but I want to be sure I have all the Yeses
> > for a dinner in SF on Oct 31
> >
> > So far, I think the attendees list is:
> >
> > Bill Humphries
> > Hussein Kanji
> > Mike Masnick
> > James Hong
> > Clay Shirky
> > Faisal Jawdat
> > Gordon Mohr
> > Dan Kohn
> > Dhiren Patel
> > Sally Khudairi
> > Jim Whitehead
> >
> > Did I miss anybody?
> >
> > I'm happy to do the reservation, I'd suggest dinner at 7, but I don't
> > know where in SF is both easy to get to and not near Halloween
> > foolishment, so someone should either tell me what to do, or make the
> > reservation themselves.
> >
> > -clay
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