Dinner on Oct 31

Mike Masnick mike@techdirt.com
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 17:49:27 -0800

The problem with just about any *good* restaurant is handling such a large
crowd... North Beach also presents all sorts of parking problems for people
with cars.  There are some nice enough restaurants that have openend
recently in the SoMa area.  I remember a FoRK (or possibly IRR?) group
meeting at Umbria a year or so ago, and that worked out well.  If we want
to be all cool and dot-com-like, I've had dinner with large groups at
Thirsty Bear, down the street, but that place got too hip for me to go to
after a while (I'm just not that cool). 

Umbria: http://bayarea.citysearch.com/profile/876158/
Thirsty Bear: http://bayarea.citysearch.com/profile/875797/

If we want authentic SF food, maybe we should just pick a taqueria in the
Mission (just about any one will do), and just let each person wander in
and order their own damn burrito...  ;)

San Jose Taqueria (yum): http://bayarea.citysearch.com/profile/889321/


At 07:16 PM 10/29/01 -0600, Jeff Bone wrote:
>You guys are in SFO and the suggestion is...  Buca di Beppo?  Jesus H.,
>with all the authentic Italian choices in North Beach and you go for an
>incredibly annoyingly cheesy franchise fake Italian place with tacky Magic
>Time Machine-like decor, plastic flowers in planters, poor wine selection,
>screaming babies at tables 14" from yours.  And there will be screaming
>babies, no question, Buca's family-style pricing structure and copious
>portions appeal to families with young 'uns.  Not to mention bad food
>overall?  And entirely too much garlic? (Understand, it's hard for me to
>say that, I *love* garlic, but jeez.)
>Buca di Beppo opened a "store" in Austin a few months back;  I went a few
>weeks after it opened and it was hands-down one of the worst dining
>experiences I can remember in the last several years.  Friends up in the
>Dallas area have almost identical comments about the "store" up there.
>I can't make it to the dinner, but I feel bad for you guys if you end up at
>a place like Buca di Beppo.  Perhaps I can suggest Trattoria Contadina in
>North Beach, if it's still open?  Many fond memories of dinners there over
>the years...
>Wherever y'all end up, have a good time.  Bon appetite!
>Gordon Mohr wrote:
>> How about Buca di Beppo, on Howard between 4th and 5th?
>>    http://www.opentable.com/restaurant_profile.asp?ID=1260
>> It can handle large parties, there's plenty of (paid) parking
>> nearby, it's easy to get to by BART and MUNI. I don't think
>> there's any excessive Halloween craziness there.
>> I've made a reservation for 12+ at 7pm. (We can cancel if
>> an strong alternative emerges.)
>> - Gordon
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>> > Sorry to do this on-list, but I want to be sure I have all the Yeses
>> > for a dinner in SF on Oct 31
>> >
>> > So far, I think the attendees list is:
>> >
>> > Bill Humphries
>> > Hussein Kanji
>> > Mike Masnick
>> > James Hong
>> > Clay Shirky
>> > Faisal Jawdat
>> > Gordon Mohr
>> > Dan Kohn
>> > Dhiren Patel
>> > Sally Khudairi
>> > Jim Whitehead
>> >
>> > Did I miss anybody?
>> >
>> > I'm happy to do the reservation, I'd suggest dinner at 7, but I don't
>> > know where in SF is both easy to get to and not near Halloween
>> > foolishment, so someone should either tell me what to do, or make the
>> > reservation themselves.
>> >
>> > -clay
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