present policy

Justin Mason
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 13:03:04 +1100

Kragen Sitaker said:

> Present policy is to allow non-listmembers to post, and I don't want
> that to change.  We're using Mailman; one of these days I'll get around
> to hacking it to hold non-listmembers' (or new posters'?) posts for
> manual review if they're not part of existing threads.  It was a
> sensible suggestion JoeBar made back N months ago.

Kragen, I have a perl hack^Wscript that does this, if you want it; I wrote
it for another list a few months ago.  It asks non-members to repost,
including a magic word this time, then allows that through.

Bear in mind though that 1/2 of any given list posts with work addresses
when they're subbed from home, or vice-versa; it's still a total PITA
to moderate.

(BTW imho Aaron deserved the shit: his systems sent out un-rfc-compliant
crap, then he refused to accept this fact and flew off the handle himself
in response.  In other words, what a wanker ;)