Is it THAT Aaron Blosser?

Tue, 30 Oct 2001 12:39:31 -0800

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 Alright folks.

 This is now getting stupid, and while a minor stalking fixation with
 Mr. Blosser might have some merits for the truly vexed FoRKer, this
 behavior is really lame.  At least if your'e going to post the bits,
 don't be a jackass and hide about it eh?

 I'm all up for anonymity and privacy protections, but don't you think
 its just a mite bit hypocritical (assinine, juvenille, pick a word),
 to go broadcast this guy's alleged history while hiding behind an
 anonymizer?  ITs not like the guy -really- did anything all that
 spectacular.  So he posted FoRK to a spambot.  He was rebuked, his
 employer notified and probably won't be smart enough to post to FoRK
 again. Do we need this?


> Apologies if these are old bits:

> After having a mighty chuckle at the commotion this morning, I realized that nobody seems to have done a web search to find out more about this Blosser character.  One of you guys called his
> employer and confirmed that a guy by that name WAS working at the Virtuoso company, right?

> Well, if it's the same guy, then the inimitable FoRKers were harassed by a minorly infamous celebrity:


> (sympathizers might prefer:)


> You may recall a while back when somebody convinced a bunch of machines to get them to run NTPrime to search for Mersenne primes, but didn't configure the software correctly and had them flooding
> the US West network with packets...and then got in a bit of trouble for it.

> His name?

> Aaron Blosser.

> Now, perhaps our FoRK visitor was simply a wannabe $cripT k1dd13, but perhaps not.  Interesting how one with that name would be professing anything about proper software configuration...but
> certainly the attitude is similar.

> Thoughts?


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