The FoRKless revolution...

Jim Whitehead
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 09:40:34 -0800

> ... Back in my day ...
> FoRK was this little list of dreamers and world changers. A bunch of
> supergeeks discussing geek things.

Surely you're forgetting CobraBoy? Plus, I distinctly remember intentionally
increasing the noise/signal ratio by posting KUCI top 40 lists for many

> People trying
> to solve the problem of locking people into a protocol by wrapping layer
> after layer of crap around some binary data.

Examples, please!

If we were successful in locking people into our binary protocols, we would
be too rich to have time to post on FoRK.

Fact is, the number of people on FoRK committed to open protocol standards
far outweighs the opposite.

> Who let in the press weasel anyway?

When I first met Rohit in 1996, he was, if anything, more fixated on the
press than he is today. Reaction to press delivered (and mangled) memes is

> I have noticed an unexpected thing. As the recession and things have hit,
> geeks have pulled away from working on open source or revolutionary
> projects, and are focusing more on working/consulting while they
> can pull in money at all, their geek skills now a worthless commodity.

As the dot bomb was picking up steam, Jim Kent, a PhD student a UC Santa
Cruz, pulled off a month long super hackathon, developing the code that
allowed the university human genome consortium to pull even with the Celera.
This ensured the human genome would, from the beginning, be available
IP-free to the world.,1286,46154,00.html

I can think of few projects with greater revolutionary potential than giving
the human genome to them masses.

- Jim