Who was Munson, and what is Edward still doing on this side?

Bill Humphries bill@whump.com
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 10:14:42 -0800

On Tuesday, October 30, 2001, at 05:34 AM, Frank D. Greco wrote:

>         Now *that*'s a weird analogy.  Thurman Munson is now
>         waiting in line to chat with John Edward while Rohit
>         Khare has ongoing talks with Kleiner Perkins' partners.


I thought Edward got the major smackdown for bleating about a 'very 
special' Crossing Over in which he was going to talk to all the 9/11 dead.

Which is nearly as amusing as the member of a generic UK boy band who 
bleated about the lack of attention on African Elephants after 9/11 -- 
followed by a wonderfully funny coerced apology. I don't have bits for 
this, but Harry Shearer described this on his Le Show (go to www.kcrw.org 
or www.harryshearer.com) from last Sunday.

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