Interactive agit-prop (was: Global personal digital library for every human)

Gordon Mohr
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 13:03:50 -0800

Close readers of FoRK will recognize this as a variant of my
suggestion in messages:

Maybe the proper device can be cobbled together with off-the-shelf

PDA Agitprop Mark I: (no design changes except new software)
   Start with a Game Boy Advance, retail $89, 32-bit ARM 
   processor, 240x160 screen, 32k colors. Airdrop units,
   custom educational/propaganda cartridges, and AA batteries 
   as necessary.

PDA Agitprop Mark II: (theater hardening)
   Give it a crank power-source, replace the cartridge
   mechanism with wireless receiver and expanded internal
   memory for storing multiple independent software packages.

   Allow new software to be received via:
    - passive broadcast-listening (so devices themselves
      cannot be found by their chattering, when necessary)
    - touching two units together (to enhance person-to-person
      sharing networks, especially between women under their

PDA Agitprop Mark III: (P2P wireless)
   Add the ability to communicate software packages and
   IMs between nearby units; ad-hoc discover longer routes.

- Gordon

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Subject: Interactive agit-prop (was: Global personal digital library for every human)

> So here's a stupid idea. In Afghanistan, as in past wars, the
> US drops propaganda pamphlets to encourage defection, etc.
> I suspect most of these go unread, getting used as fuel or
> toilet paper.
> Here's how to get them read and understood: make them
> interactive. Imagine a gizmo about the size of a CD that
> has a cheap display, a battery, and a built-in set of
> programs. The first is Christina Aguilera teaching civics
> and democracy. At the end of each section, the reader
> gets quizzed. Answer right, and Christina takes off a
> piece of her clothing. Use thousands of interactive
> scenarios and models, so that the troops can't just pass
> around a cheat sheet. I even have the sign-off logo:
>   A babe in the bush is worth seventy in paradise.
> OK, so it's a really stupid idea. I'll hit the "send"
> button anyway ..
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