Programming position?

Damien Morton
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 15:15:33 -0500

Dear Jason,

Thanks for your interest in employment at Dennis Interactive. These are
indeed tough times, but its always good to hear from someone with as
broad and varied experience as yours. Im am particularily impressed with
your familiarity with Xwad and Verible. You time at E*pregnate must have
been an interesting one.

Whilst we arent currently looking for T and T++ programmers, your
experience with PROBOL and XVRT suggests that the transition to our
in-house programming language, BABEL, would be a relatively painless
one. We will certainly keep you on file for a later date, should we have
an opening for someone of your calibre.

Thanks again for your interest.

Damien Morton, Technical Director, Dennis Interactive

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From: Jason Borum []
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2001 2:24 PM
To: Damien Morton
Subject: Programming position?

Hi there:

I realize that in the current economic climate, jobs are scarce. But I
believe I fill a programming niche overlooked by many employers. Please
a look at my attched resume, and let me know if you think I'd be a good
match with Dennis Interactive.



on Borum

Goal: A position that will utilize my knowledge of programming
operating systems, software products, and programming methodologies

Description:  I have work-experience in a broad range of programming
languages in a number of different industries, and I believe that I have
finger on the pulse of the latest technological developments. I'm an
'out of
the box' thinker willing to learn any and all new technolgies. My motto
"whatever it takes to do the job".

Programming Languages:  T+, T++, PROBOL, TSP2, TSP3, RSP, XVRT, XEL,

Development Tools:  EUnit (EX, SX, SI, TI), Verible, SR Promoly, WevCan,
WevCan SE, WevCan Pro, EyePopper 2.0, PluTo, Xwad, Spelunker

Databases:  DuBase(4,5), NuQL, MyNuQL, XKSBase, WooferBase

Operating Systems:  Eunichs, Firewater NT, Publin, Raxin, Laxo (FUI,

06/1999 - Present
Senior TSP Engineer

-Developed OMP methodology for TSP reporting
-Implemented XJIB based server-side reporting utilizing  PluTo shell
-Created SR Promly reports with UFML Port and XPO
-Programmed multi-tier MRAF based on DuBase 4,5
-Engineered blocked WIML procedure with Laxo Connectivity

RCSC Analyst

-Ported Publin 1.8.x content from legacy Raxin system
-Utilized DMP 1.3/1.4 for EDE triggers
-Secured KYB connection with ESS (XK, XL)
-Analyzed RCSC driver with XLUnit, FoGrois

Bendix & Formalade
IHML Developer

-Developed IHML surface for PROBOL, XSM EEIU system
-Designed TNP/TNT FUI for ROP
-Made coffee
-TSP4 driven DCV System with PIO Connectivity
-Created copies of documents using a P&H KX43400 ML Series photocopier

Orange Julius
Customer Service

-Prepared Orange Julius drinks
-Prepared and servered hot dogs
-Answered phones
-Took out trash
-Swept and mopped