Interactive agit-prop (was: Global personal digital library for every human)

Owen Byrne
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 20:01:53 -0400

Ok forget corporate (oops s/corporate/cultural/ = standard attitude of the
world towards the US) superstructure. How about infrastructure? I wonder can
you buy
batteries easily in Afghanistan? Even if you include batteries and they last
long enough to achieve whatever your aims are, its a harsh environment for
batteries - lots of extreme temperature and humidity).
 What about customer support? You're going to need reps who can speak Pashtu
and Tajik for starters. Perhaps you can just move the translators in
software development over to customer support after the product has shipped
Probably hard to get a 1-800 number. Not to mention that the customer
support questions are likely to be unique - "I'm sorry that's not a PDA
Agitprop II  you picked up, its a USSR PostAgitProp II acrylic covered
anti-personnel mine." You do realize that since you have not accepted the
Agitprop II "acceptance-on-touch" license, we are not liable for any damages
due to our interactions here today. On that condition, here's what I can do
to help you save your legs."


Here's my standard party question since Sept. 11 - Anyone on this list
visited Afghanistan? I was in Kabul for a long weekend in 1975.

My memory of the country (brief, clouded in the distant past) is that no
matter what you drop on them (food, electronics, manna) they'll sell it for

Owen Byrne