Interactive agit-prop (was: Global personal digital library for every human)

Gordon Mohr
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 17:05:10 -0800

Owen Byrne writes:
> Ok forget corporate (oops s/corporate/cultural/ = standard attitude of the
> world towards the US) superstructure. How about infrastructure? I wonder can
> you buy
> batteries easily in Afghanistan? 

That's why Mark I includes battery airdrops, and Mark II includes
a crankable power source.

> Even if you include batteries and they last
> long enough to achieve whatever your aims are, its a harsh environment for
> batteries - lots of extreme temperature and humidity).

Yes, the Mark II & III should be ruggedized for challenging 
climates and dusty or moist environments.

>  What about customer support? You're going to need reps who can speak Pashtu
> and Tajik for starters. Perhaps you can just move the translators in
> software development over to customer support after the product has shipped
> (aired?).

Last message, they were going to understand it so well they'd
hijack it for their own propaganda purposes. Now it can't be
useful without active customer support? They'll figure it out.
Especially the kids.

- Gordon