Why Do They Hate Us?

Bill Stoddard bill@wstoddard.com
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 20:20:43 -0500

> Here is some discussion (from a thread elsewhere) that is a little more
> honest IMO.  The articles at the bottom are worth the read.
> This article [1], like Chomsky's talk [3], puts aside the deceptive spin
> of terrorist vs. counter-terrorist and focuses on the more deeply-rooted
> reasons around our involvements with the Middle East - with a very
> insightful chronology of oil geopolitics.  It and these articles [2],
> put forth the case that the underlying strategic reason for our
> overthrow of the Taliban is so US oil interests can more easily build
> pipelines from the Caspian to Central Asia via Afghanistan.  Some light
> is shed on bin Laden as more of a freedom fighter for Saudi, trying to
> get rid of an oppressive colonial government maintained by terrorists.
> Is continued colonialist oppression necessary for maintaining
> sufficiently rapid rates of technological advancement?  e.g., Would you
> be willing to democratize Saudi and risk losing control over the
> abundant oil that has made our science and industry progress as fast as
> it has (which directly affects your lifespan and quality of your
> singleton life)?

Humm... some very big assumptions are being made regarding the theoretical possibility of
a democratic Saudi Arabia. I seriously doubt Saudi Arabia could be made into a democracy
w/o killing off a significant portion of the population of that country. It takes an
educated enlightend and religiously tolerent populace to support democratic government.
The Saudi's (for the most part) don't meet any of the criterion. The only way to make a
democratic government in SA stick is at the barrel of a gun.

And the notion of ObL as a freedom fighter is completely absurd. More like a dictator
wannabe who hates most everything about the west, including womens rights, religous
tolerence, et. al., trying to get control of the mideast. It's a power play pure and

It just burns me for 'intellectuals' to frame all the ills of the world (and this conflict
in particular) in terms of what the west has done wrong. These people either have no
appreciation for how good their life is or they are insensitive and arrogent in the
extreme in thinking that if the west were "perfect", that the rest of the world would
follow our lead. And some of these smart guys have the sensitivity and social skills of a
slug judging from some of their comments immediately after 911. Typical of self centered
arrogant a-holes.