The FoRKless revolution...

Adam L. Beberg
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 17:35:16 -0800 (PST)

On 30 Oct 2001, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

> Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but geek skills have always been
> worthless ;) We work on imaginary stuff for unproven gains.  repeated
> studies show our computer-enabled world is less productive, costs more
> to run, and is generally worse off.

Of course, all the "programmers" I know just sit around and play games. No
shit it's less productive. One geek can do the work of 10 programmers. Too
bad we all got a bad rep from the bubble.

> Constant "innovation" means our infrastructure is never complete, and
> must be replaced long before it's either paid for itself or been
> amortized off the books.  There are exceptions, but aren't we drowning
> in our own technological progress?

Yup, singularity approaching, profits disappearing, about time.

> In those few projects which beat the 60% project failure rate, IT was
> largely used not to increase productivity, but to replace and displace
> people, creating more social strain in a world where the Baby Boomers
> were soon to join the retirement set and add even greater social burden.
> IT may have had local gains, but could the whole-system gains from IT
> cope with the growing social debt?

That is the point of technology, to make it so people don't have to work.
However our social structure is NOT setup to handle this yet.

The promise of the Star Trek world is... "People wont have to work to get
the resources they need to impress someone enough to get laid". Until we
have replicators, men will have two choices, work or fight to get resources.
So we need to keep people working!

> A brief look at shows there are still just as many job
> postings, just as many new business projects.

Now that's just not true at all, there are vastly less jobs, and most if you
dig a little are all on hold while HR is busy firing people.

> when a pop festival is over, you don't moan that its over, you remember
> the good times and move on.

Good times? I didn't have any good times. Oh right, that virus thing ;)

- Adam L. "Duncan" Beberg