Making a nation democratic (was: Why Do They Hate Us?)

Russell Turpin
Wed, 31 Oct 2001 03:07:29 +0000

Bill Stoddard writes:
>Humm... some very big assumptions are being made regarding the theoretical 
>possibility of a democratic Saudi Arabia.

We're not at war with Saudi Arabia. We are at war with
Afghanistan, so it makes some sense to discuss what the
US might do once that war is won.

There is at least one example of how to turn a nation that
has never been democratic, with a nationalistic religion,
into a secular democracy. The recipe was this: put in place
an occupation government, write them a Constitution,
implement it through occupation government, institute
public schools, put all the children through these public
schools, teaching them civics in their new Constitution
among other subjects, and once the new generation is primed,
step out of the way.

This will be more difficult to do with Afghanistan than
with Japan, because the victors would have to fund the
schools and economy. But if we don't plan to do something
like this, what is the point of the war? Victory without
a subsequent game plan is like doing half of a remodeling
job, tearing down the old walls without any plan for
putting in new ones.


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