Why Do They Hate Us?

Bill Stoddard bill@wstoddard.com
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 23:26:49 -0500

> On Tuesday, October 30, 2001, at 05:20 PM, Bill Stoddard wrote:
> > I seriously doubt Saudi Arabia could be made into a democracy
> > w/o killing off a significant portion of the population of that country.
> You make a statement like that, and you wonder why people out there hate
> us?
> Who do you suggest killing? People wearing glasses? People who can read?
> Shall I refer to you as Pol or Mr. Pot?

Careful with the assumptions you are making Whump. I assume you are not just taking a
cheap shot.  I'd never advocate such a thing, ever. If the Saudi's want a democracy, I am
all for it but the fact is, the internal powers interested in (and perhaps capable of)
overthrowing the Saudi government don't have democracy in mind. Do you disagree? I'd
really like to know how democracy would work in a country full of Islamic Fundamentalists.
I bet it would work about as good in a country full of Jerry Falwell/Pat Roberson
Christian Fundamentalists don't you think?  IMHO, democracy has ZERO chance of working in
Saudi Arabia or any other country dominated by religious fundamentalists, Muslim or
otherwise. So enlighten me I am all ears. And if you convince me, I'll join you because I
am interested in solutions that work.

> > It just burns me for 'intellectuals' to frame all the ills of the world
> > (and this conflict
> > in particular) in terms of what the west has done wrong.
> And it bothers me when any constructive criticism of US policy is slapped
> down with "you don't appreciate what you have here." Those are two
> different matters.

Depends on entirely -how- US policy is criticised. The delivery is nearly as important as
the message when dealing with us emotional human beings. And the smart people doing the
criticising are smart enough to figure this out which leads me to suspect their motives;
they certainly are not interested in solving problems, despite what they say to the

> When we had a bill of rights, up until late last week, I was glad of it,
> and realized that it made my life viz a Saudi's or even an Englishman's
> better.
> The question is not if we should be involved in that region. We have to as
> a matter of circumstance. Could we had done things better? I think so.

Yes! Of course America could have done things better. My beef is that much "constructive"
criticism of US policy isn't constructive at all because it is not balanced in its
presentation. The US has done a lot of good in the world. So have the "evil" multinational
corporations. When some jackass sets up their arguments based on the premise that America
(and multinational corps, oil companies, whatever) are oppressing evil bastards, that is a
tip off that these people are NOT interested in solving problems. They are arrogant self
centered a-holes engaging in emotional masturbtion because it gives their lives meaning.
And that's about it. Beware these people because whatever their motive, it surely is not