Why Do They Hate Us?

Gary Lawrence Murphy garym@canada.com
31 Oct 2001 01:35:25 -0500

>>>>> "P" == Paul Prescod <paul@prescod.net> writes:

    P> ... but that doesn't really change the reason that the military
    P> is there.

And do tell, why precisely _is_ the military specifically _there_?

... and not, say, in Iraq (where 60-Minutes was denied access to the
location alledged to house the "hijack an airline" school's practical
lab and where the airborne additive to the anthrax may have
originated) or in Saudi Arabia (where the majority of the 911
attackers originated and where most of their money originates) or in
Palestine (where the job-title of "suicide bomber/martyr" was
perfected, and is still taught).

After all, we didn't counter Hitler by first attacking Berlin, we
worked our way /up/ to that, ensuring first that, by the time we
rolled in, Mr Hitler was a very lonely man.  Palestine or Saudi, being
coastal, have easier access, and such an attack on his most precious
"muslim" nations surely would lure the Champion-of-"Islam" Bin Ladin
to rush to their aid.

What is so special about Afghanistan that we should start there?
... other than there being no cameras in there. 

Extra points: Why is _Britain_ so keen to be in there?