Making a nation democratic (was: Why Do They Hate Us?)

Gary Lawrence Murphy
31 Oct 2001 02:00:53 -0500

>>>>> "R" == Russell Turpin <> writes:

    R> We're not at war with Saudi Arabia. We are at war with
    R> Afghanistan, so it makes some sense to discuss what the US
    R> might do once that war is won.

I thought we were at war with "terrorism".  When did we suddenly go
to war against Afghanistan?

    R> ... Victory without a subsequent game plan is like doing half
    R> of a remodeling job, tearing down the old walls without any
    R> plan for putting in new ones.

Ah, ok.  Now I understand: By going to war against "terrorism" we
sidestep this particular responsibility because "terrorist schools" is
one of the things we set out to destroy (thus we have no obligation to
fix them) and just as we blame the Taleban when our bombs hits their
children ("they brought this on themselves") we can also say it is
their responsibility to fix all the civic damage, feed people &c &c.
That's probably also how we can sleep at night knowing we've
collectively donated enough food money to give every civilian Afghan
refugee a slice a bread to last the winter.

I've been wondering: Say there's a foiled bank robbery, the police
arrive and surround the bank, and the robber grabs a teller as a
hostage.  Under these new rules of police action, when they step out
on to the street, do we now just shoot the hostage along with the
robber? (and then charge the robber with the murder, of course)
Ditto for kidnappers, naturally. Kapow! oh you bad, bad kidnapper
look what you gone and made us do!

Oh, sorry. I forgot: ObL and the Taleban have been demonized. Silly me.
Ends and means and all that.

Some reflections:

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