Why Do They Hate Us?

Gary Lawrence Murphy garym@canada.com
31 Oct 2001 02:11:05 -0500

>>>>> "B" == Bill Humphries <bill@whump.com> writes:

    B> On Tuesday, October 30, 2001, at 10:35 PM, Gary Lawrence Murphy
    B> wrote:
    >> Extra points: Why is _Britain_ so keen to be in there?

    B> To get back for that whole retreat from Kabul business. Which
    B> was a pretty low day for the Empire. The first of the
    B> _Flashman_ novels by George McDonald Fraiser describes it.

I'm in no position to discount this theory, but somehow it just
doesn't seem likely.  In my experience, Industrialized nations never
budge unless there is a clear balance sheet -- can you name any
previous campaign that was fought just to prove a point or settle an
old score?  Britain, as the empire collapsed, has a long long list of
such sore spots, so why this one? Why now?  No other nation jumped in
on this so readily and with so much unquestioned financial backing.

Naw, that old Empire Board of Directors and all its Shareholders have
long since moved on, and the new Board could care less. They have
their own Projections to meet.  Business is business. Unless they left
something pretty darn sensitive/valuable behind, I'll wager it's no
more about English Kabul than it is about King Richard and the