Gary Lawrence Murphy
31 Oct 2001 09:57:00 -0500

>>>>> "j" == josh  <J> writes:

    j> <rant>...  There is no law that says that a web site author has
    j> to make their content available to all browser users.  

Actually, if the site in question is a government project, or
supported significantly by government money, there is a law which says
it must be accessible to the handicapped, and another law that says a
government service cannot bias users to a brand name.

For the other sites, to have a big sign on the front door of your
business that reads "You must wear Gucci shoes to enter this
establishment" is just plain stupid.  Even most of the "dress code"
restaurants have softened their stance in recent years (some even
provide you with a jacket if you arrive without one).  To do otherwise
(and then rant that you went out of business) is just plain bad

For MSN, however, well, I don't remember the last time I needed to go
there, so I really don't care.  It's not an essential service, it is a
service for _their_ subscribers, ie it's a Microsoft club, a customer
value-add, so who cares if its closed to Microsoft product owners?  I
wouldn't trust their news to be objective just because there's an
influential brand name on the label.  I wouldn't expect Nike or
Jordash branded fashion or globalization/human-rights News to be
impartial either.