Current stance, after a few weeks of contemplation. was Re: Why Do They Hate Us?

Gary Lawrence Murphy
31 Oct 2001 09:49:31 -0500

>>>>> "J" == Jeff Bone <> writes:

    J> ... the Taliban (and, more generally, the "extremist" or maybe
    J> really the mainstream man-on-the-street fundamentalist Middle
    J> Eastern Islamists) endorse is fundamentally incompatible with
    J> the things we hold as fundamental and dear principles in the
    J> West.

So ... now endorsement of a contrary way of life is punishable by
death without trial.  Hmmmm.  Why, pray tell, are we keeping Charlie
Manson in prison?

    J> We are engaging militarily in order to discredit / defeat /
    J> destroy --- however impractical this may be --- a way of life
    J> and set of memes that poses a fundamental threat to "our"
    J> (i.e. our culture's) own continued existence.  

And CrimeThink is now a legitimate charge!  Oh precious day.

    J> political Islam is a cancer which Western civilization 

Mahatma Gandhi was asked what he thought of Western Civilization.

"It would be nice" he said.

Based on it as a culture that punishes thought-crimes because the meme
might be appealing to others, I agree with Gandhi completely.