Making a nation democratic (was: Why Do They Hate Us?)

Gary Lawrence Murphy
31 Oct 2001 10:17:59 -0500

>>>>> "R" == Russell Turpin <> writes:

    R> Two important points. (1) It matters whether the hostages are
    R> the only people endangered. Obviously, you don't shoot the
    R> kidnapper and hostage for the sake of the hostage. But you
    R> might, for the sake of others who are not being held hostage.

Interesting. Was this the legal basis in Waco Texas?  Wounded Knee?

    R> If I recall correctly, Aquinas wrote something on it.

Ok, but I also know the bulk of our North American families, including
the mis-named Aboriginal peoples, all came to this part of the world
to avoid such Old World rules (like fuzzy definitions of "endangered")
and, to my knowledge, we have not responded like this before.  I
expect Pol Pot also wrote on this, and I know Mao Tse Tung did.
Hitler also justified his Final Solution on the basis that the Jew
meme endangered the "aryan" peoples.

What consistutes danger to the "greater good" gets even fuzzier when
we hear of a milk-powering machine in Iraq that was shut down because
"it might be used to dehydrate Anthrax" --- such stories bring back
William Burroughs' "Anyone who can hold a frying pan owns Death" and
the circle of hazard and danger can be drawn arbitrarily large for the
political mores of the day.  

Thus far, if I'm not mistaken, the Taleban crimes are

  (a) like Arafat, they were unable/unwilling to deliver those accused
      of crimes in other lands.

  (b) like a big chunk of the 3rd world, they denounce the USA and its
      allies and boast of a day when their enemies will be somehow
      vanquished and exterminated ... just like the Christian Book of

  (c) like the CIA, they actively train people they view as "Freedom
      Fighters", but instead of training them in the Art of Depleted
      Uranium, they teach the Art of Box Cutters.

  (d) like Janet Jackson, everything they say is lapped up by their
      fans, and they win new volunteer fans daily.

Did I miss something? Is there something else they've done to make
their hostage-taking a lesser threat than allowing their soldiers to

And pardon my playing the race card, but would we be as ready to bomb
them if their civilian "hostages" were white middle class Europeans
with cell phones and Internet?  I don't remember the police opening
fire on civilians during the Munich Olympics. Even Waco was, after
all, "hostages" of like minds, so we could conceivably dehumanize them
prior to slaughter ... we eventually condemned the FBI's actions in
Texas, and no one wants to talk about the FBI cutting off the hands of
the organizer behind Wounded Knee.  

BTW, I haven't heard any mention of it this time (BBC reported it
during the Gulf War) but are we still using depleted uranium bullets?