Winmail.dat Degenerator (was Re: What the hell is this?)

Antoun Nabhan
Sun, 31 Mar 2002 11:13:13 -0800

Occasionally people will also set their Outlook client so that attached 
files come through in a winmail.dat wrapper. Annoying. But here's a 
solution; upload your winmail.dat files to this site and they come back as 
whatever they're really supposed to be:



At 03:29 PM 3/27/02 -0500, Kelley wrote:
>old bits from 
>A: Those attachments contain Exchange's rich text information, encoding
>attributes of the message such as boldface, underlining, fonts, and
>colors.  Exchange/Internet Mail puts these attributes into an
>attachment so that they can appear to other Exchange users on the
>Internet. The problem arises when people not using Exchange receive
>these attachments: instead of seeing a formatted message, they see a
>big chunk of UUENCODE data named WINMAIL.DAT if you're using UUENCODE,
>or a section application/ms-tnef if you're using MIME, each full of
>encoded data.