stop posting in html (and politics)

Jeffrey Kay
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 00:34:32 -0500

Here's to getting booted off the list --

If you use Outlook, add Fork to your Contacts.  Under the e-mail address field on the
Contact page is a checkbox market "send using plain text".  Just address your messages to
the Fork entry in your contacts and the message should be sent in plain text.  If you're
still on the list.

AND -- your last posts expressed much of what I have been wondering of late -- how on
earth can anyone sympathize with Palestinian suicide bombings after Sept. 11th?  Without
the least bit of hypocrisy, the US went into Afghanistan to bomb the crap out the folks
who supported the hijackers.  How can anyone believe that Israel doesn't have the same
right?  Do you really think that all of these bombings don't have anything to do with the
PA or the PLO?  There's a joke that went around about a conversation between Ariel Sharon
and Bush immediately after the Sept. 11th attacks -- Sharon calls Bush and tells him not
to "escalate the cycle of violence".

The reality here is that Arafat hasn't been the least bit interested in peace.  He had a
grand opportunity when Ehud Barak offered virtually everything Arafat wanted -- including
withdrawal from East Jerusalem, allowing it to be the capital of the new Palestine -- yet
it wasn't enough.

If anyone thinks there's even anything remotely acceptable about the suicide bombing of a
group of Jews observing Passover, then you ought to think about how it would feel if that
same thing happened in a church on Easter Sunday.

Listen, I'm not opposed to peace or even opposed to the Palestinians having their own
country.  Maybe this incident will lead to a new Palestinian leader who really does want
peace.  I believe that peace must happen, but peace starts with responsible leadership.
So far the Palestinians have been screwed by their leadership -- a leader that really
wants peace wouldn't have allowed the situation to deteriorate to the point that it has.

-- jeffrey kay
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> Well, normally I'd help you, but I don't agree with your political views, so
> I'll just let you get booted off the list.
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