stop posting in html (and politics)

Luis Villa
01 Apr 2002 00:49:11 -0500

On Mon, 2002-04-01 at 00:34, Jeffrey Kay wrote:

> AND -- your last posts expressed much of what I have been wondering of late -- how on
> earth can anyone sympathize with Palestinian suicide bombings after Sept. 11th? 

So, I don't agree with or sympathize a whole lot with the Palestinians;
terror should never, under any circumstances, be a political tool. So
the next paragraph is mainly me playing of devil's advocate.

That disclaimer out of the way: when was the last time the US occupied
Afghanistan for 30+ years, attempted to make Afghanistan a state by
seeding settlers throughout Kabul, or denied the Afghani people the
right to visit their own religious shrines and the ability to move about
freely? Ditto for the Saudis.

So, having answered that question, try to tell me there is /no/
difference between Palestinian terror and Afghani/Saudi terror? And /no/
reason why anyone can sympathize?*

Like I said... I don't sympathize. I think the killing of innocent
civilians is cowardly, reprehensible, etc. But it's easy to see, I
think, how people can make a distinction between the Palestinians and Al
Queda, even if I don't really make that distinction myself.


*perhaps more accurately, what people see/perceive is the difference
between Israel's actions in Palestine and the US's actions in
Afghanistan, pre-Sept. 11th; because there is a moral difference _there_
people make the mistake of thinking that the PLO's behavior is