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Bill Humphries
Sun, 31 Mar 2002 23:57:23 -0800

On Sunday, March 31, 2002, at 10:34 PM, Jeffrey Kay wrote:

> It appears, however, that they really don't want Israel to exist.  The 
> problem is that
> there is no way out of this situation.  Israel isn't going to go away 
> peacefully.  So they
> have to attack, which gives Israel the right to defend it's turf.

I think the problem is the Arab despots. They use Israel to distract 
attention* from the real problem: that's there little Democracy out there,
  and none of those are Arab Deocracies**. If Israel went away, what would 
they use as a Devil? The West? That'd be a quick road to an unmarked grave 
for all the Saudi princes. So they have a devil in Israel, and a low 
intensity war they can murder a few score in to retain their illegitimate 

We have a lever to stop that, but since we were punished by the Saudis for 
intervening in the '73 war, it'd be political suicide to use it. I'm quite 
sure the Saudi's could care less if they sent the West into a deeper 
economic crisis. The princes are rich, and they have plenty of guns to 
keep their populations under their thumb.

So I have to laugh when I read John Hall go on about Palestine and Iraq, 
when the real problems are autocrats such as Mubarek and the Saudi royal 
families. I guess it's harder to make a case for plowing them over with 

As much as present company seems to desire a blood bath, and the backlash 
we'd all have to weather, putting the screws to Arab dictators would be 
more fruitful. Neither Russia, China, Europe or America have any love for 
them, so who could they turn to for succor?

-- whump

* Remember that before the current crisis, the Arab media was blaming 
Israel for the WTC attacks, and last week an official Saudi publication 
repeated the blood libel myth.
** Iran has elections and parties, but those exist at the sufferance of a 
band of thuggish clerics.