stop posting in html (and politics)

Bill Stoddard
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 09:13:37 -0500

> On Sunday, March 31, 2002, at 10:34 PM, Jeffrey Kay wrote:
> > It appears, however, that they really don't want Israel to exist.  The
> > problem is that
> > there is no way out of this situation.  Israel isn't going to go away
> > peacefully.  So they
> > have to attack, which gives Israel the right to defend it's turf.
> I think the problem is the Arab despots. They use Israel to distract
> attention* from the real problem: that's there little Democracy out there,
>   and none of those are Arab Deocracies**. If Israel went away, what would
> they use as a Devil? The West? That'd be a quick road to an unmarked grave
> for all the Saudi princes. So they have a devil in Israel, and a low
> intensity war they can murder a few score in to retain their illegitimate
> regimes.
> We have a lever to stop that, but since we were punished by the Saudis for
> intervening in the '73 war, it'd be political suicide to use it. I'm quite
> sure the Saudi's could care less if they sent the West into a deeper
> economic crisis. The princes are rich, and they have plenty of guns to
> keep their populations under their thumb.
> So I have to laugh when I read John Hall go on about Palestine and Iraq,
> when the real problems are autocrats such as Mubarek and the Saudi royal
> families. I guess it's harder to make a case for plowing them over with
> salt.
> As much as present company seems to desire a blood bath, and the backlash
> we'd all have to weather, putting the screws to Arab dictators would be
> more fruitful. Neither Russia, China, Europe or America have any love for
> them, so who could they turn to for succor?
> -- whump

The rub is this... are the Saudi and Egyptian societies capable of sustaining a democracy?
The evidence suggests the answer is no. I cannot imagine Western government being against
Arab democracies, but they have to be sustained from within, not imposed by force from the