stop posting in html (and politics)

Owen Byrne
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 10:37:34 -0400

M$ doesn't think people should be using a mailer other than theirs, not to
mention that your MTA should be Exchange.

And they reserve the right to break anything you're using if not. The
privileges of unrestrained monopoly.

John says:

> That is how I did it on Outlook 2000.  I can't seem to find that option
> on Outlook 2002.  Perhaps Microsoft doesn't think people should be
> complaining about HTML email in 2002.
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> Here's to getting booted off the list --
> If you use Outlook, add Fork to your Contacts.  Under the e-mail address
> field on the
> Contact page is a checkbox market "send using plain text".  Just address
> your messages to
> the Fork entry in your contacts and the message should be sent in plain
> text.  If you're
> still on the list.