Fw: stop posting in html (and politics)

carey carey@tstonramp.com
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 09:31:43 -0800

If so, why?  I thought this was FoRKEd a few months back (tho for the life
of me , I can't find it).   Yes, we all suck because we use outlook.
Yippie.  Stop being an asshole about it already.  I try my damndest to post
in plaintext, and I've argued why the unfortunate use of Outlook must exist
in my circumstance.  Sending stupid little pseudo-attachments through the
mailing list as an effort to 'show me' my stupidity is as lame, if not more
so, as sending the HTML attachments you seem to find so repulsive.

Yes, you are more l33t.  I admit it.  So stop being a dick about it and lets
get back to the bitfilled wonder versus attachment/html hell.


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> No attachement at my end:
> It's a bug in your mailer. I triggered it by using begin followed with two
> blanks, on a purpose ;P
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> >begin  On Mon, 1 Apr 2002, Owen Byrne wrote:
> > M$ doesn't think people should be using a mailer other than theirs, not
> > mention that your MTA should be Exchange.
> What's strange, is that people buy the line hook and sinker. "Oh yeah,
> let's make Outlook use a company policy. Why? Because we can. Hey, and
> you're in charge of installing the virus scanner mail server on all
> incoming/outgoing mail".  Tee hee. I think not. I think I will quit.
> > And they reserve the right to break anything you're using if not. The
> > privileges of unrestrained monopoly.
> I reserve the right to make this email unreadable for MS Outlook users. In
> fact, I'm not even nice enough to append an end, screwing up the entire
> digest. Hey, it's not a bug, it's a feature.