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>Not even on the IETF web site yet.
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Conspiricay Nation -- April Fools joke _or not_?


relevant: Gates "death" ... over the notorious unreliability ...."Windows."

Who Killed Bill Gates? 
(Conspiracy Nation, 1/01/02) -- Microsoft is not happy about a new 
film which purports to be a documentary on the assassination of Bill 
Gates on December 2nd, 1999. 
Of course, Bill Gates, head of Microsoft, has not really been 
assassinated (although, come to think of it, who actually knows?) 
The film, "Nothing So Strange", scheduled to premiere at the Slamdance 
2002 Film Festival on Jan. 13th, reportedly has Bill Gates shot dead, 
then his apparent assassin is almost immediately killed, and then 
conspiracy theorists band together to find out who _really_ was behind 
the Gates assassination. 
Reportedly, in the film, a group called "Citizens for Truth" tries to 
access secret files of the L.A.P.D. Ramparts Division to get at what 
really happened. 
GMD Studios, producer of the film, reportedly has put fake Citizens 
for Truth web sites on the Internet which add to the surreal nature of the film.
 Presumably, in the film, Gates "death" is not due to a lone nut but 
to widespread frustration over the notorious unreliability of the 
Microsoft operating system, "Windows." The film reportedly also 
explores corrupt government institutions which impede the efforts of 
Citizens for Truth. 
(Source: "Cinematic Shock Mock Doc on the Assassination of Bill 
Gates," by Matt Drudge. 12/31/01)