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1) I think the Saudis wanted us to keep Israel from destroying the
Egyptian army.  Why do you think the didn't?
2) Actually, the Saudis get real nervous when the oil price gets too
high.  Every time the oil price spikes non-OPEC supply increases and
demand gets depressed.  In the long run, the Saudis (who have excess
capacity) lose money.
3) I believe I've mentioned that if we take out Iraq from the North we
should keep rolling south.  That was a realitively direct comment about
Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.  We could stop at Dharain.
4) I wasn't always so blood thirsty.

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I think the problem is the Arab despots. They use Israel to distract 
attention* from the real problem: that's there little Democracy out
  and none of those are Arab Deocracies**. 

We have a lever to stop that, but since we were punished by the Saudis
intervening in the '73 war, it'd be political suicide to use it. I'm
sure the Saudi's could care less if they sent the West into a deeper 
economic crisis. The princes are rich, and they have plenty of guns to 
keep their populations under their thumb.

So I have to laugh when I read John Hall go on about Palestine and Iraq,

when the real problems are autocrats such as Mubarek and the Saudi royal

families. I guess it's harder to make a case for plowing them over with 

As much as present company seems to desire a blood bath, and the
we'd all have to weather, putting the screws to Arab dictators would be 
more fruitful. Neither Russia, China, Europe or America have any love
them, so who could they turn to for succor?

-- whump