Queen Mum dies :-(

Michael Watson mikejw@cruzio.com
Mon, 01 Apr 2002 11:33:05 -0800

>There is a word for you , its called POP. Now go run along and boy the
>approved shirts, listen to the apporved music, and think your approved
>thoughts and think , think hard, What would are your idils doing today?

ah doesn't pow'ful be hankerin' t'set mahse'f up as th' defenner of pop
culture on this hyar list on account o' ah agree thet 99% of it is crap but
thet remainin' 1% kin be pow'ful fine. Case in point: last night ah was
watchin' mtv2 lookin' fo' th' occashunal pow'ful fine video (moosic videos
is an interess of mine) when ah sar th' latess one by Rufus Wainright. Th'
moosic was a covah of John-Boy Lennon's "Acrost th' Unyverse" an' th' video
was based on th' paintin' by Margritte whar it is rainin' juntlemen, as enny
fool kin plainly see. Amazin'! Fry mah hide! 

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