Queen Mum dies :-(

Elpida Alteyus anevena@drenik.net
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 23:00:10 +0200

> > > It's about OUR mortality! Diana is a proxy. If she can go so young
> >
> > If people would care about their mortality they would actually start
> > something about it.
> Are you saying that people do NOT care about their mortality? They are
> totally indifferent to the idea of their own death?

they are not indifferent to the idea of their own death, they are afraid of
it, but they are refusing to believe it can happen to them ( not all of
them, but the majority) so they act as they act....
> > >
> > > It was a media event because it was an event in people's lives.
> >
> > Unconvincing. It shook people because she was a celebrity.
> It was an event in people's lives *because* she was a celebrity! And she
> died young. She reminded them or their own mortality and that of the
> people around them.
well it isn't really so, people die every day it's not the death of a
celebrity that reminds them of their mortality, even worse death of a
celebrity is different, cause celebrities seem as non-people or better said
non-ordinary people....