Mortality and behavior (was: Queen Mum dies)

Russell Turpin
Mon, 01 Apr 2002 21:38:07 +0000

I've lost some of the attributes for this dialogue:

>>>If people would care about their mortality they would actually start 
>>>doing something about it.

And then:

>>Are you saying that people do NOT care about their mortality? They are 
>>totally indifferent to the idea of their own death?

Next, Elpida Alteyus:

>they are not indifferent to the idea of their own death, they are afraid of 
>it, but they are refusing to believe it can happen to them (not all of 
>them, but the majority)
>so they act as they act....

That may be an explanation for a few, but I think there is
a better and broader explanation for why people do not live
in a way so as to maximize their lifespan. This explanation
was succinctly said by my friend Jeff Hummel:

  "There is more to life than avoiding death."

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