Queen Mum dies :-(

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Mon, 01 Apr 2002 17:50:56 EST

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> >There is a word for you , its called POP. Now go run along and boy the
> >approved shirts, listen to the apporved music, and think your approved
> >thoughts and think , think hard, What would are your idils doing today?
> >
> >
> >bliss
> >
> >-tom
> >
> ah doesn't pow'ful be hankerin' t'set mahse'f up as th' defenner of pop
> culture on this hyar list on account o' ah agree thet 99% of it is crap but
> thet remainin' 1% kin be pow'ful fine. Case in point: last night ah was
> watchin' mtv2 lookin' fo' th' occashunal pow'ful fine video (moosic videos
> is an interess of mine) when ah sar th' latess one by Rufus Wainright. Th'
> moosic was a covah of John-Boy Lennon's "Acrost th' Unyverse" an' th' video
> was based on th' paintin' by Margritte whar it is rainin' juntlemen, as enny
> fool kin plainly see. Amazin'! Fry mah hide! 
> dialect provided by The Dialectizer: http://www.rinkworks.com/dialect/
> michael

gawd - the dialectizer. it's been YEARS.  i'd hoped i'd never have it inflicted on me again. 

who are you REALLY, mike of santa cruz?