Alleged Counterfeiting Operation By Arafat

Jeffrey Kay
Tue, 2 Apr 2002 00:41:34 -0500

Anyone know anything about "The Media Line" (  I haven't seen these
articles reported anywhere else, so I'm not sure how factual they are.  There are no other
sources referenced.  They are fascinating stories nonetheless.  I did a quick search to
see if there was any discussion about them on-line, but that turned up nothing.  They are
clearly a pro-Israel service, but that doesn't mean that the content isn't true.

Make your own judgments -- I just found the stories amazing enough to keep an eye out to
see if they are reported elsewhere.

-- jeffrey kay
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Article 1:

By Michael Widlanski

Yasser Arafat’s headquarters in the West Bank town of Ramallah have also served as the
heart of a secret Palestinian operation to flood Israel with counterfeit money, Israeli
officials told The Media Line Monday (April 1).

The secret phony money operation could have had far-reaching consequences, said an Israeli
army officer, citing several possible scenarios:
*--Undermining the already-weakened Israeli economy;
*--Helping Arafat to pay Palestinian terrorists and agents operating in Israel, the West
Bank and Gaza.

“There were hundreds of thousands of shekels and the printing plates to produce millions
of shekels,” said an Israeli army officer.

Israeli army (IDF) units that seized parts of the Arafat headquarters compound discovered
hundreds of thousands of counterfeit Israeli currency bills in denominations of 50, 100
and 200.

The colorful red, tan and green counterfeit bank notes—bearing the portraits of late
Israeli presidents Yitzhak Ben-Zvi and Zalman Shazar-- looked quite authentic to the
untrained eye.

Israeli inteligence sources told The Media Line that they suspect that Arafat also had
printing plates for counterfeiting American currency, but these have not yet been

Israeli and Western intelligence officials have long suspected that Arafat might have a
counterfeit money operation, like the one he maintained in Lebanon during parts of the
1970’s and early 1980’s.

Islamic terrorists have also used counterfeit money as an element in financing their
© 2002 Michael Widlanski, The Media Line

Article 2:

By Michael Widlanski

Israel Army officers confirmed Monday that the Israeli Army (IDF) found more than $100,000
in counterfeit American currency in the headquarters compound of Palestinian leader Yasser

IDF officers had earlier told reporters that they had confiscated “hundreds of thousands”
of counterfeit Israeli shekels—as well as the printing plates to make them, but the IDF
had not disclosed the discovery of the counterfeit American money.

The confirmation of the seizure of counterfeit American money came in response to a series
of questions from The Media Line (, but more than 10 hours after TML
raised its questions, the IDF had still not responded with details of the currency
seizure: location of cache, specifics on denominations etc.
(C) 2002 Michael Widlanski