When Elephants Dance

Gary Lawrence Murphy garym@canada.com
02 Apr 2002 02:10:22 -0500

>>>>> "M" == Mark Day <markday@cisco.com> writes:

    M> Some people in product companies dream of lying on the beach
    M> while monthly service fees roll in, "if only" they were a
    M> service company.

Ok, so how do you swing getting service fees while not doing a
service? Or are they dreaming of retainers?  It's stretching it, I
know, but I'd call selling annual support /contracts/ a product sales
job, not a service.  It's the hapless consultants they send out on
the 4am service calls who's doing the service.

    M> The reality, of course, is that only the management consultants
    M> who sell these dreams to the hapless victims get to spend any
    M> time on the beach.

Second question: How does one become a management consultant? ;)  That
sounds like the second best occupation I've ever heard about (*)

Wait, never mind.  I forgot: I already live on the beach.

(* the first-best job was a friend of a friend who was a "location
   consultant" for the film industry.  He just travelled around the
   city on his bike taking note of what he saw, and then big hollywood
   directors would pay him big fees to tell them nifty places where
   they could find a certain ambiance.  Like, is that cool or what?  I
   asked him "How on earth did you get started?" but his answer was an
   unhelpful "I started working part time for a guy who did this, and
   then he retired, so I took over his contacts.")

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