How 'Bout Relocating Israel to Mexico

Elias Sinderson
Tue, 02 Apr 2002 14:15:25 -0800

After WWII, when the international community was looking for a place to 
put the Jewish state of Israel, there was a large number of Rabbis who 
were entirely opposed to the current location. Apparently Brazil 
volunteered a large chunk of land for the cause, and it was seriously 
considered as an alternative. Unfortunately there was much more at stake 
than simply finding these displaced peoples a home (like having a 
western presence in the middle east) which factored into the outcome. 
There was also a very vocal orthodox group who would not accept anything 
less than the 'true holy land'.

As the current situation stands, I think it is unreasonable for Israel 
to move - there has simply been too much invested at this point, both by 
the Jewish people and the international community. (This is, of course 
ignoring the historical and cultural significance of Jerusalem...) 
Returning Israel to it's pre-1967(?) borders and giving up the 
settlements would be feasible, and a great step in the peace process, 
but I don't think we can realistically expect much more in terms of 
reducing the size of the country or relocating it.


Bill Stoddard wrote:

>I thought about giving up North Carolina, but this seems more apropriate.
>Apologies (well, not really) for being so pedestrian as to post a link to a foxnews