How 'Bout Relocating Israel to Mexico

Russell Turpin
Tue, 02 Apr 2002 23:07:15 +0000

Elias Sinderson:
>After WWII, when the international community was looking for a place to put 
>the Jewish state of Israel, there was a large number of Rabbis who were 
>entirely opposed to the current location. Apparently Brazil volunteered a 
>large chunk of land for the cause, and it was seriously
>considered as an alternative. Unfortunately there was much more at stake 
>than simply finding these displaced peoples a home (like having a western 
>presence in the middle east) which factored into the outcome. There was 
>also a very vocal orthodox group who would not accept anything less than 
>the 'true holy land'.

That's very different from the histories I have read. It
completely omits the 19th century Zionist movement, the
Balfour Declaration in 1917, and the immigration of Jews
into the Levant after WW I. It doesn't mention British
and US refusal to accept European Jewish refugees in the
1930s. It overlooks the fact that Israel was born violently,
with terrorist acts commited by the Israeli nationalists,
and forced cleansing of non-Jewish populations from some
contested areas.

>As the current situation stands, I think it is unreasonable for Israel to 

Israel is. But it wasn't created by WW II, though that
helped it along. It was the end result of a 19th century
religious movement, whose big break was winning the
support of WW I victors, after they took over the
hinterlands of the Ottoman empire. Or at least, that's
what I recall from the history books. It's not an area
I have studied, so undoubtedly, I have a sparse and
partial view.

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