Michael Watson
Wed, 03 Apr 2002 09:10:25 -0800

At 09:21 AM 4/3/02 -0500, you wrote:
>might you suspect i'm raging rampant pms by my posts?

You've got nothing on me girly girl! 

>From male menopause:

 1. Hormone-production levels are dropping 

 2. Sexual vigor is diminishing

 3. Physical stamina and strength are decreasing

 4. Children are leaving

 5. Parents are dying 

 6. Job horizons are narrowing

 7. Marriages (Sometimes 2nd and 3rd) are breaking up

 8. Friends are getting sick

 9. Hopes are being lost

 10. Dreams are left unsatisfied

I'm 44 and I score a perfect 10 on this scale.

BTW - I can't imagine a girly girl wouldn't know about Rightgeous Babe
records and Ani Defranco but in case you don't -- she rants and raves
righteously and is enough to satisfy my inner female.

I picked up a copy of Bitch magazine lately to satisfy a vague curiousity
( and had my male-centric ego suitably blown.

"Rightgeous Babe Records recently signed 'Bitch and Animal' ...the world
wasn't ready for Valerie Solanas Scum Manifesto
( ...the time is ripe for
this duo's pussy revolution...It kicks off with the sleazy dildo rap 'Best
cock on the block'...She moves from praising the power strap-on because it's
eternally hard'..."

here's to being childish and out of control (fuck being old and staid)!