A new amorality in the Middle East

John Hall johnhall@evergo.net
Wed, 3 Apr 2002 10:57:34 -0800

The Baen board includes a number of well known Trotskyites.  One of them
(Russ) mentioned that Hanson was his favorite military historian.  A
red-dyed Trotskyite is about as left wing as you can normally get

Hanson's recent popularity is due to his book Carnage and Culture, but
his reputation was apparently built on military history.  C&C is, aside
from the interpretation, a work of military history.

Moral equivalence, conflict-resolution theory, utopian pacifism, and
multiculturalism are in fact antirational and often silly.  That it
might not qualify as a "cold, hard fact" doesn't mean that it doesn't
qualify as a "cold, hard truth".  Especially in context.

Conflict-resolution theory, I imagine, has a place where the
participants are rational and a resolution is possible.  Some counceling
sessions might get some mileage out of it.  Using it in the middle east
is silly.  Even people IN the ME tell stories like 'The Frog and the

Multiculturalism is both a label and an operational definition.  

As a label it invokes a respect for works such as "A Tale of Genji" or
the architecture of the Taj Mahal.  There isn't anything in theory wrong
with the label.

As an operational definition, it has involved some of the silliest and
most irrational ideas in history.  It usually starts with the projection
of a (distinctly Western Marxist) interpretation on non-western cultures
without bothering to examine them before peeling off to defend
canibalism and cliterectomies as things which should be celebrated due
for their expression of cultural diversity.

Now, what is your exact beef with Hanson?  That he points out that
Israel produces efficient soldiers and the Arab nations can not?  This
is news?  Or that getting lots of your soldiers killed is not a badge of
moral superiority?  Or that most of the wars launched to kill every Jew
in Israel have not, in fact, been over the West Bank?

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> Moral equivalence, conflict-resolution theory, utopian pacifism, and
multiculturalism are, of course, antirational and 
> often silly. 

and this is a "cold, hard fact"?

please, no more hanson.  the man is a freaking limbaugh.  i can't
believe you actually read this tripe.  and you probably discuss it among
like-limpminded simploids.  john, i beg you, ratchet up to better minds.
start with robert kaplan - i personally know a man who supports pat
bucchanan and even HE likes kaplan.