Re[2]: er

Michael Watson
Wed, 03 Apr 2002 11:33:52 -0800

>I'm 24 and score 8 out of 10 (no kids or marriage, yet).  Thanks for
>ruining my day. *smirk*

Cheer-up! There is still time for a couple of divorces and the realization
that you haven't been saving money for your kid's college, you've been
saving it for their re-hab.

I am trying to figure out which of these kids is mine:

What were the most different drugs you've done at one time (combined)?

once me and four freinds of mine, last spring break actually, put in all our
money an we bout ourselves 3/8 of mushrooms, i got us some acid on a sheet
that didnt have blotter tabs so we had to just cut it(totally dumb) we had
vodka (bleah) an eigth of killer chronic and a teener of coke. it took us 2
weeks to get the money but it was a hella fun night, though i personally
didn't drink cuz i dont like to mix alcohol wit my pychedelics...kinda
becomes confusing, i start talking to myself an think people are talking to
me in my head lol. 
Anyways coke an acid was...different, it like speeded up the trip, it was
fun though... 

-enic- (age 17, male)

This chick once did 480mg DXM, 1.1 OZ of nutmeg, 140 Datura seeds, half a
pill of vicodin (snorted), half a pill of ritalin snorted, lots of weed
smoked, and alcohol all at the same time. She had a bad trip. 

-DizzyLiz- (age 15, female)

trying to keep my sense of humor,