How 'Bout Relocating Israel to Mexico

Dave Long
Wed, 03 Apr 2002 13:25:32 -0800

> with terrorist acts commited by the Israeli nationalists,

Jerusalem is a good place for
egosurfing.  I stayed at the
King David, which had a wing
blown up back when the local
terrorists were zionists, and
visited the "City of David",
which shares with the modern
city a leaning to defensible
architecture (but lacks the
visible bullet-spalls).

As far as I could tell, "Life
of Brian" was pretty accurate
and the only problem with the
entire area is that it's been
occupied for the last several
millenia, and cleansing one's
neighbors has been preferable
to getting along* during that
whole time.  Too Much History?


* I would say that at least
one guy encouraged everyone
to get along, and got Nailed
Right In for his effort, but
liberating a donkey so as to
prophetically motorcade into
town sounds just as aggro as
the rest of the lot.