Compleat wastes of time

Wayne E Baisley
Wed, 03 Apr 2002 22:51:03 -0600

Okay, I'm a sucker for comics.  I'll read all of them.  Fortunately, the 
Trib has a pretty decent selection, so I don't waste my time on too many 
lame ones.  Dick Tracy is one of the worst in their collection, but at 
least it's got local interest.  Dick Locher lives here in town, so there 
are lots of parochial references to Naperville, and Chicago.  His mayor 
seems to be mostly our Mayor Pradel, a former cop, with a little Daley 
thrown in.  Edward Hospital, not Cook County, is the medical facility of 
choice.  The Wehrlis, and old Naperville family and political force, get 
fairly frequent mention; we've bought several appliances from them.

Yesterday's strip referred to Lima Lima, which is both obscure and cool. 
  It's the nickname for the Naper Aero Club (FAA field LL-10), a 
precision flight team of six T-34s.  They participate in the Chicago Air 
& Water show, among others, and always make an appearance for the local 
Memorial Day parade.  I drove home behind a guy with Lima Lima license 
plate holders today.

The funniest Tracy cartoon ever was a couple of years ago.  He was 
holding a gun and looking at his wristgenie.  But it was the wrong hand. 
  Correct arm, though.  Or maybe his fingers bend both ways.

And speaking of lame cartoons with local flavor, one of the authors of 
Brenda Starr is Mary Schmich, famous for the non-Vonnegut commencement 
address.  A graduate of Pomona College and Stanford, BTW, so you out in 
California can feel important, too.

I'd rather read Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, though.


"That's the most-so-untrue-iest thing I've ever heard.  I am 
unpredictable as the nervous park squirrel!!"  Some Jhonen character