A new amorality in the Middle East

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Thu, 04 Apr 2002 13:53:48 -0500

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> Now, what is your exact beef with Hanson?  That he points out that
> Israel produces efficient soldiers and the Arab nations can not?  This
> is news?  Or that getting lots of your soldiers killed is not a badge of
> moral superiority?  Or that most of the wars launched to 
> kill every Jew
> in Israel have not, in fact, been over the West Bank?

that he doesn't remind his readers not to exclude other concurrent "truths" - like revealing the conditions under which nations are driven to terrorist activities.  his logic is like most right logic:  too elemental to be much use in explaining complex problems, much less in solving them.

what did you think of bush's speech today?  rush hated it.  :-)