St. Columba: The patron saint of copyleft... (fwd)

Dave Long
Thu, 04 Apr 2002 13:08:29 -0800

> (1) natural law is not the law of the US. The constitution is, and laws 
> passed according to it.

However, the constitution is not burnt
into ROM.  Up until 1865, it said people
were potentially property; an idea which
now seems horribly mistaken.  (although
people *are* excludable and rivalrous)


"Re: ...and then there's slavery"
"...what's so civil about war anyway?"

Hmmm.  Bitrot seems to have occurred; for the                                   Declaration of Causes of Seceding States, try:


Stupid-Future-History-Series: upon election of
an anti-intellectual-property president, and
realizing that it has both the most military
spending and ex-military population among the
States, as well as a thriving export economy,
CA will secede from the Union.


The Civil War experience probably did in any
attempt at yeomanry on the part of the US
military.  After discovering that regional
units quickly because CS units, I think the
current practice is to rotate officers and
men to avoid geographic correlation, which
sounds more Persian than Greek.