A new amorality in the Middle East

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I hope that Bush is just providing cover for the Israelis to continue to
kill any Palestinian with a gun, discover and destroy bomb factories,
round up and remove from circulation Palestinians actively conspiring to
kill Israeli children, and obtain intelligence to make it easier to
target same in the future.

One poll cited that about 46% of Israelis now support an expulsion of
all Palestinians, similar to what Kuwait did after the Gulf War.  If the
Palestinians don't change (and they won't) that number will increase
rapidly over the next year until that policy is implemented.

And are you familiar with what the terrorist organization "Black
September" refers too?  The Jordanians kicked the Palestinian forces of
Arafat out in September.

The Palestinians and the Arabs could have peace anytime they wanted it.
If they did the following, the Palestinians would have a state within 12

1) All Arab nations recognize Israel as a legitimate country, publish
maps which clearly show Israel in the Mideast, and say they are 'at
peace' with Israel and will exchange Ambassadors if the Palestinian
issue is solved.  They say this in Arabic.
2) Arab nations declare that homicide bombers attacking Israel citizens
are terrorists and people who help them should be killed.  In Arabic.
3) Arafat calls, daily, for a condemnation of homicide bombers in
4) Cashing the check Saddam is handing out to the families of homicide
bombers should receive the same punishment as murder.
5) Arab nations crack down on their press for publishing blood libels
about Jews and calling for jihad to the same extent they crack down on
criticism of their own regime.
6) Arab nations repudiate 'Right of Return' and pledge to assimilate the
Diaspora.  Arab nations ask for aid to do this.
7) PLO cracks down on groups and publications which call for the
destruction of Israel, or imply Israel doesn't or shouldn't exist.
8) PLO members involved with weapons that violate the Oslo accords are
turned over to the Israelis.
9) PLO begins a policy of turning over collaborators to Israel.
10) PLO organizes children candle light vigils outside of Israeli
settlements that sing 'we shall overcome'.
11) PLO accepts the last Barak proposal, including a repudiation of the
right of return and a declaration that the Golan Heights is an issue
between Israel and Syria.

Of course that won't happen.  But in other news ...

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Thursday, April 4, 2002
Let's pretend there is a Palestinian state
Posted: April 4, 2002
1:00 a.m. Eastern
By Katy Whelan
C 2002 WorldNetDaily.com 
I think it's fair to say in order to prepare for a future state of
Palestine, it may prove beneficial to journey into the unknown. Take a
moment and step out of this present reality and into the world of our
imagination. This will be a necessary tool in perceiving such a plan. I
would hate to have to be the one to say I told you so or, be careful
what you ask for. 

Let's pretend that one day you wake up and read the morning paper. The
headlines say, "A Nation is Born, the State of Palestine." Let's pretend
that Yasser Arafat no longer lies, and he is now a man of honor driven
to make a better life for his people. Let's pretend that the millions of
dollars in aid subsidizing the Palestinian Authority and used to smuggle
bombs, guns and weapons of carnage and death will be used to build a
healthy society - a society filled with job opportunities, good
education and prosperity for all Palestinians. 

Imagine the schoolbooks that teach Palestinian children to hate and
murder Jews are burned in the town square. Let's pretend Palestinian
radio and television join in the celebration and destroy their library
of media propaganda advocating martyrdom in order to achieve peace and
heavenly reward. Let's pretend that the Palestinian people eagerly await
the new schoolbooks that teach brotherly love and acceptance of their
Jewish neighbors and to embrace the state of Israel with open arms. 

Imagine that the Palestinian summer camps for children that instruct 5-
and 6-year-old boys how to shoot and blow up Jews, are now filled with
activities like painting, ceramics and horseback riding. 

Let's also imagine that all Palestinian men, women and children wake up
one day and have forgotten everything they have ever learned about
hatred. All the mothers and fathers of children who have blown their
bodies up for the cause of peace are now accepting the fact that it was
all a lie, that their children were duped and sacrificed for absolutely
nothing! Pretend they have forgiven their political and religious
leaders for deceiving them and there is a sense of joy and forgiveness
in the air. 

Now don't give up yet folks! Stay with me on this one. The human mind is
quite remarkable in its ability to venture beyond logic. Let's pretend
that Yasser Arafat wakes up one day and one truth comes out of his
mouth. He repents to his people and to the world for being a
bloodthirsty killer. He asks forgiveness for masterminding and
implementing terror on the world for the past 40 years. 

Let's pretend that Yasser Arafat is a changed man. He no longer feels
compelled to annihilate the Jewish people, but instead wants to live
side by side in peace and harmony. 

This will be a stretch for some. Try to imagine the tens of thousands of
young Palestinian men (and women) who have known absolutely nothing but
hatred and bloodlust towards the Jewish people from the time they were
children, have found a new peace in their hearts. Imagine they surrender
their guns, bombs and ideologies and long to befriend their Jewish
brothers. Decades of lies, and PA-sponsored moral and social depravity
have simply vanished from their lives. 

Let's pretend that the Palestinian people are dancing in the streets,
handing out candy and celebrating their newfound love for their Jewish
neighbors and their willingness to embrace their differences and share
their resources and live together in peace! 

Game over. Reality check.
The Middle East reality is that a Palestinian state will never and
should never be allowed to exist within the borders of Israel! It simply
will not work. It will be a cancer in the heart of Israel. Cancer is not
something that can be negotiated with, nor can it be managed by
"surgical strikes." It must be attacked aggressively and completely
until all signs of the deadly disease are destroyed. 

Aside from the fact that all of the land of Israel was promised to the
Jewish people by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the unfortunate
reality is that Palestinian society, so diseased by hatred, will not be
able to co- exist in peace with Israel. 

Generations of Palestinian hostility and the destruction that follows
will in fact grow more powerful if granted statehood. The cancer of
Israel will have metastasized. It will now have a life and a sovereignty
of its own. 

We must stop pretending that a Palestinian State will bring peace to the
Middle East. It will surely prove to be more deadly than any present
horror that is occurring in Israel today. 

Katy Whelan is a freelance writer.

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