A new amorality in the Middle East

John Hall johnhall@evergo.net
Thu, 4 Apr 2002 20:18:27 -0800

In other words, you have no problem with the deliberate killing
detonation of human bombs in pizza parlors.

Gee, just think about all those American terrorists in tanks running
around killing innocent Germans in WWII simply because they were trying
to improve the region by making it free of Jews.  If only the Americans
had stayed home everything would have been fine.

I now think that it is nearly inevitable that the Israelis will have to
adopt the morality of the Palestinian terrorists.  But they won't use
tanks, Adam.  They will use artillery.

Indeed, they will act just like Arabs act.  I believe the previous ruler
of Syria killed 20,000 in one of his own towns mostly with artillery.

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> But, you have a bunch of terrorists running around killing people all
> time from inside their tanks, maintaining their hostile takeover of
> dirt. Which generally screws everything up.
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