A new amorality in the Middle East

John Hall johnhall@evergo.net
Thu, 4 Apr 2002 22:58:17 -0800

The Palestinains are the ones that have cheered Hitler.

And first you start numerous wars, which you lose.  Then you start
trying to exterminate people out side of the wars.

Yeah, right.

General George Patton had a policy on dealing with German snipers.  An
American tank pulled up to the house and fired its cannon.  No more
house.  The damn Israelis actually warn people to get out of the houses
first.  They shouldn't.

These are the people that dance in the street when children are blown
up.  They dance in the street when Saddam lobs missles at Israel.  And
they dance when the WTC is hit.

If the Israelis were trying to act like the Palestinians, there wouldn't
BE any Palestinians.

The Palestinians are trying to force the Israelis to act like

That is one wish I hope the Palestinians are granted.

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> > Gee, just think about all those American terrorists in tanks running
> > around killing innocent Germans in WWII simply because they were
> > to improve the region by making it free of Jews.  If only the
> > had stayed home everything would have been fine.
> You're right, the Israel is acting just like germany, and it is time
> get
> involved. Lets see, first you accidently annex territory, then you
> exterminating people, just label the resistance as terrorists and the
> Americans will come help, their leader being far too dumb to ask
> questions,
> or understand any history farther back then when his beer glass went
> empty.
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